Gallery Wrap / Hanging Systems

Gallery Wrap Options

Mirrored Wrap:
This is the most commonly used wrapping method for canvas giclees. It creates a continuous flow of the image and is used for Fine Art and General Photos and Art reproductions. Mirrored wraps allow your customer to hang the image and still have a finished product. If they choose later to frame it – there is no problem.

Border Color:
When you want a more contemporary look or to emphasis a color this is a good method to use. Any color in the image can be used. It is most effective on larger canvas wraps 1.5” and 2”. It is not recommended for .75 and small canvas wraps.

Wrap Around Image:
Very few pieces of art allow for this method of canvas wrapping. Usually when an artist has am image they intend ALL OF IT to be on the front. Essentially this can be used as a method to crop by taking some of the canvas image and rolling it to the side.

Canvas Hanging Systems

D Rings:
Used primarily for large pieces (over 16×20) and art that needs to be spaced or top aligned to other pieces of art. Use for Fine Art and Commercial Installations.

Wire Hanger:
Most commonly used hanging system. Wire is not always consistent from the top down but is very easy to hang with wall hangers. Use for Fine Art and Commercial Installations.

Sawtooth Hangers:
Mostly used for smaller art – 8×10 to 16×20. Installation is just a matter of putting a nail in the wall and balancing the sawtooth on the nail. This style is not recommended for fine art.