Copyright / Digital Signature

Copyright for Marketing Purposes

The Copyright on the back side of your art reproduction is a marketing mechanism that creates an identifier long after you have sold your canvas gicee. When a friend asks “Who is the artist I want to buy one for my house” they can turn around the canvas and the information is right there. We place title and artists name and any other contact information like phone, website and company name.

Digital Signatures

Your signature whether recognizable or not is an important feature to have on your reproduction. Sometimes when canvas or other reproductions are created the signature doesn’t stand out. We suggest getting a digital signature of your “real” signature, not a font to be placed in that location. We will eliminate whatever signature is there and overlay your “crisp” real signature. This eliminates any chance of messing up your signature. This is excellent for “drop ship” orders – when you may not have time or the access to come in and sign your image. This way once you place your order you know it will go to your client with your signature in place…perfectly.